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Steering & Suspension Repair

The suspension, and steering systems are all major safety components of any vehicle. If something is going wrong with one of them it can really affect the performance and the safety of the car. The job of the suspension system is to maximize the friction between the tires and the road, as well as provide stability to the steering system. There are a number of different suspension systems. The main components of the suspension system are struts, shock absorbers, springs and tires. The steering system takes the rotation of the steering wheel and converts it into the swiveling motion of the wheels.



Worn Shocks or Struts: In most vehicles the struts will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.


Uneven Tire Wear: A failing suspension system can lead to uneven tire wear as the system is not holding the wheels even on the road at the proper angle.


Bad Spring Coils: In most cases, spring coils will last the life of the car but they can break.


Leaking Shocks: Shocks will often have to be replaced over the life of a car.



Bad Tie Rods: Tie rods are the component that connects the steering linkage to the wheels of a vehicle.
Loose Lug Nuts: Something as simple as a loose lug nut will cause the steering wheel to shake.

Unbalanced Wheels: This problem can also cause the steering wheel to shake at certain speeds.
Steering Gearbox Not Responding: If the steering wheel does not seem to be responding properly or it is hard to steer this can indicate a problem with the steering gearbox.

Power Steering Malfunction: The power steering component can malfunction for a number of reasons.

Power Steering Pump: A failing power steering pump can make the steering wheel hard to turn and it may make a groaning noise when the wheel is turned.

These systems are vital to the safety of the vehicle, while some problems may be more of an inconvience than a safety issue. Certain problems can lead to very dangerous driving conditions and should be addressed as soon as possible. Make sure you are safe while driving, call The Late Night Speed Shop today!

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