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Camshaft Repair

The camshaft is one of the most important mechanical components of an engine. It consists of a thick steel rod onto which cams are either milled or attached. Most modern vehicles have overhead cams, making them relatively easy to get to your hands on for the at home mechanic. The bad news is that when a camshaft goes bad, which is rare, it is likely due to a much more serious engine problem. The camshaft itself turns inside its bearings and each cam pushes down on a cylinder at just the right moment. This creates or relieves pressure inside the cylinder, depending on the engine design or timing setup. Camshafts are lubricated by engine oil.

Common Camshaft Failures:

  • Bearing Wear Out

  • Sliding Friction Damage

  • Structural imperfections


Bearings wearing out, is the most common camshaft issue. The engine will make loud knocking or squeaking noises while running, replacement of the bearings is required. Camshaft repair can be an expensive repair but catching the problem can often times save you money and time. If you think you are having camshaft problems it may be other factors that needs fixing as well. Call The Late Night Speed Shop and leave the repairs to the professionals.

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